View Full Version : Any way to edit sub menu items?

2005-09-18, 06:49
Anyone know if/how you can edit sub-menus structures?

I would like to change Browse Music sub menus so that it is ordered by Browse Playlists, then Browse Artists, then Search Music, then Browse Genres and delte all of the other sub menus.

If this is not possible now, would SD consider enabling it so we can simplify the menus when viewed on the SB2?

Music Machine
2005-09-18, 07:14
Player settings->menus

I think you can do what you want there.

2005-09-18, 07:56
Actually, it's the level of sub menu items that are listed below this menu level that I would like to modify.

For instance, the player settings/menu settings allow you to add or remove browse playlists, browse music, etc.

But underneath browse music I would like to change the sub menu items by leaving by artist, deleting by album, adding favorites, etc.

Music Machine
2005-09-18, 08:14
I see what you mean. Simpler is better. Browse Album is not very useful here with a large collection. Looks like it's sorted alphabetically. I'd vote for this enhancement.

Music Machine