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2005-09-17, 05:25
Can someone help me out here.

I have about 2000 tunes from various bands stored under different folders indexed by genre/year

/Punk/1977/artist - song.mp3
/Punk/1978/artist - song.mp3
/House/1989/artist - song.mp3
/House/1990/artist - song.mp3

this is seriously messing up my Album search as all my albums are in a folder set up as such
/FLAC/artist - album - [year]/artist - song.mp3

What happens is that when i browse ALBUMS using the remote control I get about 70 albums named for example
1977 Punk by The Clash
1977 Punk by The Damned
1977 Punk by The Heartbreakers

same with any folders where I lump all the single songs together by genre.

Any ideas how I can sort this?

Do I have to re-tag every song with Various Artists as the Album tag ?

2005-09-17, 07:11
I presume that there is nothing in the ALBUM tag for these files, so slimserver is guessing from the file/directory names?

The simplest workaround would be to put something in the Album tag: possibly just "VA" for the whole lot, or maybe "Various Punk" or whatever works for you.

It should only take a moment - mp3tag or foobar 2000 will tag entire directory structures with a couple of clicks...


2005-09-17, 09:16
thanks ceejay

i thought i'd have to tag each one individually using winamp