View Full Version : Help! files overwritten,still visible on SB

2005-09-17, 02:41
I had a long night yesterday, organizing my music-collection with easytag. I renamed all the files to /genre/Artist_album, the genres being 'Metal','Rock' and 'Annet'.
Anyway, I ripped two more albums with abcde, setting genre to 'Annet'. Then, to my horror, I found that it overwrite the 'Annet'-directory! (and also a created a lowercase 'annet'-directory) and put the flac-files in both directories.
So when i do 'ls' now, both the 'Annet' and the 'annet'-directory contains two measly albums.
But on Squeezebox, I can still browse the 'Annet'-directory, and there are the 40+ albums which seems to be overwritten. I can even play them. I haven't rescanned my music-library.
Can I somehow revive the overwritten files? I figure they must be schedueled for deletion/marked by Gentoo as free space, but not yet killed off.

2005-09-17, 02:52
Forget it, they were there anyway. (Thank God!) It was some strange behaviour on my samba-mount, where ls did show the same in Annet and annet-directory. When I ssh to my server, everything is alright. Pheeeeew.