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2005-09-16, 05:44
hi all,

i'm having an infrequent but irritating problem with slimserver:

once in a while, after choosing to a new playlist to load, the player suddenly stops. "stop" is highlighted on the right hand side pane and the last song on the list is highlighted. when i click on any of the other songs on the list, the player remains stopped on the last song in the list.

is anyone familiar with this problem? i'm running s'server 6.1.1 and debian.

- lawrence

2005-09-16, 06:27

Slimserver cannot find the songs in your playlist, repeatedly skips to the next track and then stops after failing to start the last track in the list. Make sure the filenames and paths in your playlist are correct.


2005-09-16, 11:12
what's odd though is that i had set the server to autoscan only several days ago. i haven't moved any files.

however, i have noticed that when some of the files misplay, their filenames get mixed up; for instance, title stays the same, but both album and artist become numbers.

could dashes or spaces or other kinds of punctuation in file names be causing this problem?

thanks again,

2005-09-16, 17:02
What is the default character encoding of your debian box (UTF-8, ISO-8859-1,..)? Are there any filenames or paths in the playlist that contain accented characters? What is the content of the physical playlist file?
I've also had somme issues with playlists lately. Character encoding seems to be a problem as well as playlist saving (numbers instead of path/filename in the file).


2005-09-16, 20:07
I had similar problems when I upgraded to 6.1.1 under windows, but only when I added to the playlist from the status.txt programmatic web interface, and only some songs. No obvious special characters, spaces, etc in the filenames. No discernable pattern at all, in fact.

The same song could be added fine from the interactive web interface using index.html.

Fell back to 5.4.0 and it works fine there. Same songs, same directory structure.