View Full Version : Something similar to AlienBBC for other digital radiostations?

Dan Goodinson
2005-09-15, 01:11
Is there a way to pick up other digital radio stations through the
squeezebox? (SB1, SS 6.0.x)

For example - I was at a friend's place the other day listening to 'Q'
digital radio station through a TV set-top box. I got to thinking that
if SB can play BBC radio stations, is there anything stopping it playing
other DAB stations?

I have no idea how it actually works, so maybe it isn't possible. I'm
not sure, for example, whether 'Q' radio station can be played on-line
or whether it is _only_ a DAB thing.

Any ideas?


2005-09-15, 01:44
It plays the bbc feeds by streaming over the net. There is an internet feed available for Q here:

quality is a bit crap though - mono I think.