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Neil Davidson
2005-09-13, 13:37
> Ah, sadly I am planning to Raid 0 them. I decided to go with
> the fastest possible C: drive config I could (and yes, I
> realise that raid 0 doubles that chance of catastrophic C:
> drive failure so my backup regime will be rigorous).

I don't want to rain on your parade so to speak as far as RAID is concerned
but there was a discussion a while back on a hardware list I'm on regarding
hard drive speeds. I'll quote a couple of emails on the subject below. I
can't verify what is said, but it does make sense, to me at least.

"- Same disk I/O always blows--that's why RAID0 is retarded except for a
VERY SELECT FEW situations.
- Access time is FAR more important than sequential throughput on a boot
volume--that is why the Raptors are so good
- The T7K250 (I have one also) has NCQ whereas the Raptor does not
- The T7K250 also has a huge advantage in aerial density
- RAID0 often slows down a boot volume. Why? As array size grows, seeks get
slower, and seek time is the most important thing on a boot volume."

"Oh, I never meant to suggest you were [a retard]. There is a lot of
misinformation out there about what RAID0 is good for. The truth is that
there are only a very select few situations where it is useful...raw video
capture (where data writes need to be, say, 50MB/s or greater at all
times...like capturing uncompressed content or HD content), very rapid
processing of video (not encoding, encoding is almost never disk I/O bound,
but muxing or some other similar function). Even in that situation, it would
be better to have to independent disks: read from one and write to the
other. However, utilizing two RAID0 arrays in that case could improve speed

You see a lot of people out there running RAID0 on a boot volume. Most of
these people don't realize that the impact on boot performance can in fact
be -negative-, and the risk of data loss goes up tremendously."

Basically, if you want the fastest boot times then get a Raptor or similar

Sorry to take this thread more OT.