View Full Version : My quest for audio integration.

2005-09-12, 22:26

Right now I use a poweremac as an itunes "server", with a htpc in the living room running iTunes on an lcd.

I am looking to add a device to my bedroom (the only room in the house without pesky fans) to feed my Headphone amp and Grado SR225s. I'm thinking a wired squeezebox 2 may be it.

While reading about it, I saw that it is remote controlable via the Sony PSP. Does this hold for the softsqueeze as well? Having the squeezebox in the bedroom where I am 2 feet away from it, and having soft squeeze with the PSP on the coffee table sounds sweet.

Is it doable?

Joe Esposito

2005-09-13, 00:08
Yes. The Sony PSP, as I understand it (though I don't have one) is used as a web browser, with one of the skins designed for small screens such as "handheld". This means that you can use the web interface to control all aspects of the slimserver and any players attached to it, including Softsqueezes and Squeezeboxes. All you have to do is select your player from a drop down list so it knows which one you are trying to control.

You can easily test this out for yourself. Download slimserver and set it up with a track or two - then install softsqueeze (its in the package) and play with controlling it from a browser. You could set up one on each of your machines to see how that looks, too...