View Full Version : Biography plugin crashes latest SlimServer nightly

2005-09-12, 00:15
Not sure if this is a SlimServer problem, a Biography plugin problem, or both! Here's how to reproduce the problem:

1) Play an Internet radio stream (I tried Radio Paradise). In the Default skin, the current song appears in both the "Now Playing" and "Current Playlist" sections

2) When the song changes on the radio, the "Now Playing" section is updated, but the "Current Playlist" still shows the old song. (Is this a bug??)

3) Using the SB2 remote, play a song from your local library. Again, "Now Playing" is updated, but "Current Playlist" still shows the original song from the radio station.

4) In the Default skin, press "Biography". SlimServer crashes with the following log message:

Can't use an undefined value as a SCALAR reference at /PerlApp/Slim/Web/HTTP.pm line 1144.

(Win XP running as a service, 2005-09-11 nightly (svn version 4285))

2005-09-12, 00:18
Oops - meant to post this in the 3rd Party plugins forum.

But the "Now Playing / Current Playlist" problem is definitely a SlimServer problem. Anyone else able to reproduce it?