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2005-09-11, 14:34
I am unable to hear any audio when tuning to an Internet Radio Station using my SqueezeBox.

I have tried using the Tune In function within Help/Internet Radio in SlimServer.

I have tried Saga Radio using http://www.saga.co.uk/radio/pages/player.asp?stationid=ten52

I have also tried Smooth FM using http://streaming.gmgradio.com/live/wm_london.asx

I have also tried setting up playlist files in my SqueezeBox playlist folder, example for Smooth FM:
[Smooth fm]
Title1=Smooth fm

Am I doing something wrong or are these audio streams not suitable for SqueezeBox? If these audio streams are not suitable, how do I find ones that are?

Any help would be appreciated. I am currently using SlimServer software version 6.1.2 4143 and my computer is running Windows XP. I have a wireless Squeeze Box 1 and a Netgear ADSL Wireless Router.

Andrew Smith

2005-09-11, 14:46
Two questions:

1) Have you tried the built in radio stations, like RadioIO?
2) How is your amplifier connected? RCA/Phono or digital?

2005-09-11, 15:13
1) Have you tried the built in radio stations, like RadioIO?

YES. I have tried Shoutcast, AlienBBC and Radio IO and these all work ok.

2) How is your amplifier connected? RCA/Phono or digital?
I have an Arcam A85 amplifier and I have connected my SqueezeBox to it via RCA connectors. I do not have a digital input available on my amplifier.

If you need any further info, just let me know.

Andrew Smith

2005-09-11, 17:49
OK. The smooth FM link works for me, but it took a long time to start (maybe a minute) - are you leaving it long enough? The other one isn't a stream link, and I can't figure out what the actual stream link is (the page seems to have a java applet on it which doesn't work for me). If you can get the real stream link we can try that.

The reason I asked about the connectors is that sometimes the digital hookups don't work with some DACs.

2006-09-29, 06:57


This is W. Midlands 105.7 FM - presumably changing the 1057 will find the other variants.