View Full Version : Re: Dropouts ruining my Squeezeboxdream

Neil Davidson
2005-09-11, 14:08
> > Is FLAC really going to require less bandwidth than AIFF or Apple
> > lossless? I've neve tried Flac files, is ut easy to rip CDs
> this way
> > on my Mac and get theminto iTunes?
> Yes, since SB2 support native FLAC, the compressed data is
> sent from the server to the SB2. Cuts the bandwidth
> requirements about in half, which with WiFi may mean more
> than 50% improvement due to collisions, etc.
> I don't speak mac, can't address the iTunes part

Another advantage of FLAC is that you can get twice the music in the SB2s
buffer, so you further reduce the likelihood of running out of music.
Although many have said that Apple lossless is very similar to FLAC (I have
no idea, never used it, just heard that somewhere) it isn't supported
natively my the SB2.

SO you don't have to re-encode all your music, you can tell the server to
transcode your existing AIFF or Apple Lossless to FLAC before sending to the
SB2, this should also get round the iTunes part as well.