View Full Version : Does NSLU2 support BUS powered USB2 hard disks?

2005-09-11, 04:48
Simple question, simple answer!
This is the device I have in mind.
Should it be compatible?

2005-09-11, 13:38
I haven't tried it personnally but yes it does.

If you're planning on using it as a SlimServer your mileage, as they say, may vary. I've tried it out with a library of around 10,000 songs and the performance I got when navigating menus on the SB2 just wasn't up to scratch (even after I clocked the NSLU2).

It is however a very useful device that I'm now using to store sync'ed backups from my Mac and two laptops (XP and Linux).

2005-09-18, 08:43
I'm away from my NSLU2 at the moment, but I'm using a 2.5" retired laptop drive in an external box which is using the bus power. I think the power drain is perhaps too much, as it does not always boot up from the ext drive. I need to get an external power supply for the drive and see if that corrects it. If you're interested I'll post the make of external box when I return home.

2005-09-22, 06:42
Hey thanks for the replies
I think I have gone off this slug idea somewhat as it turns out to be more costly than thought. Also, I dont like the sound of the slow boot times and browsing etc.