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2005-09-11, 00:01
I'd like to set up a computer in my basement, running either windows, linux or os x. Slimserver runs on all of them. It would house my music collection.

I have a few stereos in the house. I recently came into a few tiny compaq laptops that I'd like to run windows on (using their BIOS for power management). The laptops would have either a USB sound card or some other gizmo for converting mp3s or other formats and connecting to the stereos. The laptops are small enough so they can be on top of each stereo. Each laptop would connect to the basement server via ethernet.

If I understand correctly, I can access the slimserver running on the basement computer from each laptop. I could then select songs etc. and play them on a stereo. This could be done on any of the laptop/stereo combos simultaneously.

If all that is true, then I don't think I need a squeezebox. Correct? Comments?


Bruce Hartley
2005-09-11, 02:34
You could run slimserver in your basement and softsqueeze on each of your laptops, plugged into each of your stereos and you wouldn't need a squeezebox.

However, you would have no remote control, you would have to leave your laptops on all the time, etc. etc.

so basically, yes but with limitations.

2005-09-11, 03:24
You could use Telcanto for your remote control (assuming you have a wireless-capable PDA available or are willing to buy one).

- Julian

2005-09-11, 08:41
Remember that most laptop's built in soundcards are not that great, likewise most of the cheap USB addons. Given that, the lack of remote control, the asthetic of an old laptop sitting on top of the hifi, and the cost of the USB soundcards, I'd just buy the squeezeboxes. But then I'm biased ;)

2005-09-11, 09:54
Thanks for people's responses.

I'm not a great fan of the display of the squeezebox. It seems too limited.

The laptop is really tiny. Putting it in some sort of sleep state should make power usage a minimum and "wake-up" time very short.

Yes, the internal sound cards on most computers, especially laptops, are not great, and you have all sorts of mechanical and electrical interference. My reading though of usb soundcards and other devices (ie the xitel) is that the sound can be quite good.

The remote control is intriguing. I've got an old ipaq with a wifi card. Maybe that can suffice for remote controlling.