View Full Version : slimserver connection problem

2005-09-10, 16:40
New Squeezebox2 set up today. Everything goes fine until it is ready to connect to slimserver. No choices given for possible connection. Input address for computer running slimserver; squeezebox searches for a while and then goes blank.

The computer running slimserver shows the icon in the taskbar with the message "slimserver starting". Does this mean it's actually running or is it doing some preliminary work such as analysing digital music (there are about 20,000 songs in my file, so I could see that taking some time). The "slimserver starting" message has been on for at least an hour. I've tried double clicking the icon but nothing happens.

Any help greatly appreciated.

2005-09-10, 19:03
It should not take that long to startup. It will take a while to scan your music, but slim's home page in the web browser should open pretty quickly.

Check your task manager after you try to start slim. See if slim.exe starts/runs.

Check your Event manager (application section) to see if there are errors being reported by slimserver.

2005-09-11, 13:54
Thanks, though the problems appear to have been solved. It either wasn't running or not running properly. I was able to get slimserver to work when installed on another computer on the network.

I then uninstalled it from the first computer and reinstalled it, specifying a smaller music folder. It worked fine. I then changed the music folder to the larger one I originally wanted; it scanned it for about 45 minutes and seems to be working fine.