View Full Version : Squeezebox2 suddenly can't see wireless

2005-09-10, 11:10
My wireless Squeezebox2 was cranking along just fine until today. All of a sudden it cannot find the wireless network. All my other devices see the wireless network just fine. I tried to get it to connect however, it continually says the IP address is now in the 169 range instead of the previous 192. I reset the Squeezebox2 back to the factury settings and set the whole thing up again. Again, it cannot obtain an IP address via DHCP and thus cannot connect to the wireless network. Any suggestions?

2005-09-10, 11:30
Do you have MAC filtering enabled on the base station? It's possible your SB2's MAC has suddenly changed, and that might be causing it to be blocked from the network.

FYI - the 169 address you're seeing is most likely due to a DHCP failure, you could also try rebooting the access point - they do go funny sometimes.

2005-09-10, 11:33
No MAC filtering
Have already rebooted the access point numerous times. As I stated, all my other wireless devices are working just fine.

2005-09-10, 15:00
nobody else?

The Squeezebox now sees the correct SSID, it recieves an IP address and sees the IP address of the SlimServer however it still cannot connect.