View Full Version : Pre-Purchase Q re "Now Playing" Scroll

2005-09-09, 11:34
I've been trying out Softsqueeze.

I've set the Now Playing display to "scroll once." After that one scroll, the static display shows the first few words of my typical song title while the rest of the title, correctly, remains unseen.

When I then click the Now Playing "button" (on Softsqueeze), I expect to see the full title scroll again. That happens, but that's not all. The display _format_ changes: where I had no VU meter, now suddenly I do have it, and I don't want it. Can I review (re-scroll) the full Now Playing info without changing the format of the Now Playing display?


2005-09-09, 12:06
You can get more info via the Right arrow and then the Down (or Up) arrow. This will cycle through the track info.

2005-09-09, 12:12
Pressing now playing cycles through a set of different screens - some of which have visualizers on the right and so have less text on them.

As far as scroll once is concerned, I am afraid it will only scroll again if the text changes, the font size changes or the screen size changes. To force a new scroll you are probably better off pressing left arrow/right arrow to move to the previous menu and then back again [to force a text change]. If you use now playing it will rescroll but only when you get to a screen which has a visualizer as this means a narrower screen for text.

2005-09-10, 09:42
Thanks. <eom>