View Full Version : Missing albums

2005-09-09, 10:05
I had an album with a typo in the mp3 tag. The artist was
Tchaikovsky, Peter I.
with extra spaces before the I. After a scan I was only able to see an entry for Tchaikovsky, Peter I., and the album (18 Pieces) was not listed.

But I was able to find and play the album with a search for "18 Pieces". I edited the mp3 tags to remove the extra spaces and asked slimserver to reindex the playing selection, but it is still not listed under artists or albums.

1) How do I find out where Slimserver put it?
2) It sure would be nice if the search returned what Slimserver thought the album and artist were!
3) It would also be nice if one could browse to an album and ask slimserver to index just that album. I have 130 GB of mp3 files, and reindexing it all takes forever.

I am using the 6.2 beta