View Full Version : [SlimDevices: Ripping] Various Artists andcue sheet support

Philip Meyer
2005-09-09, 00:39
>This is not working well with the Various Artists feature enabled though. The album appears in Browse Artists / Various Artists / Chilled Ibiza Gold, but when I click on it there are no tracks listed. I think this is because slimserver is exploding the artists and there are no songs on the album with a song artist of "Various Artists".
I've partially fixed this problem, but it has led me to others...

To recap - I have an album with 50 songs spread across 3 disks. Each disk is a single mp3 file, with tracks expressed using a cue sheet for each album.

I believe that the artists were exploded because slimserver had not completed a rescan. I cleared the music library down and did a full rescan and waited for the various artists to be processed (which currently seems to occur after scanning without indication when the job is complete).

I now have all songs listed under Browse Artists / Various Artists / Chilled Ibiza Gold.

However, Slimserver reports this as 1 album with 53 songs by 51 artists. In fact there are 16 songs on CD1, 17 on CD2 and 17 on CD3, making 50 in total. These are all listed correctly (no extras), so slimserver is reporting three more songs in the total than there really are. Perhaps it is also counting the cue sheets (one per disk)?

I believe that every song is by a unique artist too, so there should be 50 artists - perhaps the album artist "various artists" is being counted for the album too?