View Full Version : Only dispaly scan results after various artistsprocessing has completed?

Philip Meyer
2005-09-09, 00:21
Since upgrading my server to 6.2b1 - 4202, I've experienced high CPU usage from slim.exe when I thought it should be idle.

I think I've just discovered why :)

After slimserver stops reporting that a rescan is complete (when it displays "n albums with n songs by n artists"), I assumed that slimserver had finished processing. I experienced high CPU usage for a further couple of minutes in slim.exe, even though I wasn't using the server (not playing any music, not navigating through library, etc).

However, it appears that slimserver then does some additional post-processing of the scan to tidy up various artist albums. Slimserver reported ~700 artists, then a couple of minutes later, this changed down to 422 artists. It must explode the artists out, and then after scanning has completed, it unexplodes the various artist albums.

Perhaps slimserver shouldn't list the results of rescan until this phase has completed.