View Full Version : SlimServer-09-08-2005 music folder issue

2005-09-08, 18:37
I have music folder of APE/CUE collections. Each album is in a subfolder with one APE and one CUE files.
Version 6.1.1 shows album and titles correctly, and I can add an album or a single track to playlist. I just tried v-09-08-05 which seems to manage the music folder quite differently. It displays album names multiple time, I guess one for APE file and one for CUE file. And I cannot add the whole album to playlist in one click, have to add track by track. But when it plays back on SoftSqueeze, each track plays from the beginning of the album. I guess each track is actually the APE file which is the whole CD. V6.1.1 works fine though.