View Full Version : 6.2 Beta Finds Old Tag Entries

2005-09-08, 18:30

I tried the Monday 5th Sept. Nightly build of Slimserver 6.2 Beta and found that a previous problem that I had had with a version from about a month ago was still persisting.

The problem is that after 6.2B rescans my music library it seems to find old tag information that I had previously editied. I have checked the offending albums (all of Japanese origin) and found that the info in the tag fields is correct updated version, but Slimserver misdisplays the "Album Title" field.

This problem has only occured on CD's from Japan, where when I ripped them into WMA Lossless through Media Player 10 the tag gathering system returned a result of little square boxes in each of the tag fields to best represent Japanese characters I suppose. Although I subsequently re-entered the field data with the correct English characters, Slimserver 6.2B still gathers these little boxes for the Album Title, when it fact the problem has been rectified.

Out of interest, this tag problem doesn't manifest on any previous version of Slimserver (including 6.1.2 - 4157).

I am eager to try out the new WMA lossless firmware for the Squeezebox 2, but feel a bit reticent until I can get a handle on this problem!

Tech deatils:
Slimserver is run from a Windows XP SP2 Pentium 4 2.8GHZ, 1 GB RAM, 10/100 Ethernet bridged into a Wireless LAN.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


PS Also foind that 6.2b won't display any artist names after the letter "w". This is strange considering it also seems to have found the right numbe of albums in my collection, but refuses to display any artists passed w.