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2005-09-08, 14:06
I've been using my Squeezebox2 on my wireless network for a while now quite happily, using WPA personal encryption, but I have now changed the WPA passphrase and need to change the Squeezebox settings accordingly. When I turn the box on and go through the network settings, I am presented with my original key, but I don't seem to be able to delete characters from it in order to enter my new, shorter, key. Hope this isn't a stupid question, but I can't find a way to do it - any suggestions?
Thanks in advance,

2005-09-08, 14:17
The Play key. And the Add key opens a space for a new letter.

Attached is a minor update to the server's help pages for the remote that indicates this. Replace your SlimServer\server\HTML\EN\html\help_remote.html file if you are on Windows.

Does someone with subversion access want to update this source file if acceptable?

2005-09-08, 15:54
That worked fine - I could have sworn I'd tried that key...
Many thanks for the quick reply.