View Full Version : "No Album" no longer treated as VA Album?

2005-09-08, 13:17
Tracks with an empty ALBUM tag are treated to belong to album "No Album" and this (virtual) album "No Album" is treated as regular album. That means that until yesterday the album "No Album" was treated by slimserver as VA album (since on this "album" there are a tracks of different artists). All artist having tracks only on album "No Album" were not listed in the Browse Artist list since I have set the option "Don't include compilatin artists in artist lists".

I have just upgraded from the 2005/9/3 version of 6.2 to the 2005/9/8 version and after a rescan (with clearing the database) suddenly all artist of album "No Album" are now shown in the Browse Artists list. All artist of other VA albums are not shown as before. Has anything be changed with this respect?