View Full Version : Internet radio station as a playlist

Philip Meyer
2005-09-07, 17:54
I used to have a .m3u containing the following radio station url:


This used to play fine in previous versions, but since 6.2 I have found the playlist sometimes gets added and then deleted from "Browse Playlist".

I thought it was because entries don't get added to playlists if they aren't playable, and a playlist with no entries doesn't get displayed. However, the station plays fine in windows media player.

At one stage, the playlist was listed but I couldn't play it. I edited the playlist entry in the web UI, changing the title for the playlist entry to "WXPN Live". Upon saving the change, the playlist disappeared. Therefore it wasn't possible to edit the entry any more. It is a bit of a nuisance if changing an entry can cause the playlist to be removed, as it's then not possible to re-edit the entry.

I think I have fixed my problem by re-entering the url in the Radio URL Tune In help page, which played the station, and then saving the playlist as a different name. This created a .m3u file containing:


The extra info lines seem crucial now in 6.2b1.

However, if I attempt to edit the playlist, it crashes slimserver with:
Can't call method "title" without a package or object reference at /PerlApp/Slim/Web/EditPlaylist.pm line 143.