View Full Version : WMA files wont play

2005-09-06, 18:52
I just installed the latest slimserver nightly for windows (SlimServer Version: 6.2b1 - 4177 - Windows XP - EN - cp1252) on top of 6.1.2. Not a clean install as I couldn't be bothered re-installing Alien BBC, audioscrobbler, all my other settings etc.

Now I cannot play WMA files through the squeezebox. Lame.exe still appears in slimserver/bin as it should. In Server Settings files types, Windows Media appears and wmadec and lame are both present. Streaming through winamp to another machine does not work either for WMA files. Also I cannot stream wma radio streams such as BBC Radio 5 live through the Tune In box.

I tried stopping slimserver and replacing lame.exe 3.96 with 3.97 alpha 12. Made no difference.

All the aforementioned worked fine before. Any ideas how I can debug this? Anyone else able to reproduce this problem?


2005-09-06, 20:05
WMA Lossless?


2005-09-07, 02:04
No just regular WMA files that played fine under 6.1.2

2005-09-07, 05:03
Just to report back that a clean install of the lastest 6.2b nightly fixed the problem and wma files now playing fine.