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Kieran Breen
2005-09-06, 13:00
When I run SoftSqueeze, I get the following error:

31 [AudioMixer-0] ERROR javasound - Line Unavailable
javax.sound.sampled.LineUnavailableException: Audio Device Unavailable
at com.sun.media.sound.HeadspaceMixer.nResume(Native Method)
at com.sun.media.sound.HeadspaceMixer.implOpen(Headsp aceMixer.java:377)
at com.sun.media.sound.AbstractMixer.open(AbstractMix er.java:317)
at com.sun.media.sound.AbstractMixer.open(AbstractMix er.java:354)
at com.sun.media.sound.AbstractDataLine.open(Abstract DataLine.java:132)
at com.slim.softsqueeze.audio.AudioMixer.initLine(Aud ioMixer.java:148)
at com.slim.softsqueeze.audio.AudioMixer.run(AudioMix er.java:302)
at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:568)
28195 [SlimTCP-1] ERROR slimproto - Exception processing frame
at com.slim.softsqueeze.audio.AudioMixer.setVolume(Au dioMixer.java:176)
at com.slim.softsqueeze.audio.AudioMixer.setVolume(Au dioMixer.java:168)
at com.slim.softsqueeze.audio.Player.slimprotoCmd(Pla yer.java:241)
at com.slim.softsqueeze.Protocol.socketCommand(Protoc ol.java:369)
at com.slim.softsqueeze.Protocol.access$300(Protocol. java:34)
at com.slim.softsqueeze.Protocol$TcpSocket.run(Protoc ol.java:465)

This is my Java info:
java -version
java version "1.4.2"
Java(TM) 2 Runtime Environment, Standard Edition (build 1.4.2)
Classic VM (build 1.4.2, J2RE 1.4.2 IBM build cxppc32142-20050609 (JIT
enabled: jitc))

I'm on Ubuntu Linux PPC.

Sound on my machine is working. I can use Rhythmbox to listen to
music. I just can 't use SoftSqueeze yet.

Can anyone help?

2005-10-23, 12:49
Kieran Breen wrote:

>I'm on Ubuntu Linux PPC.
>Sound on my machine is working. I can use Rhythmbox to listen to
>music. I just can 't use SoftSqueeze yet.
This sounds similar to this thread: