View Full Version : Thoughts on requirements for slimserver computer

Robin Bowes
2005-09-05, 04:00

I'm a doing a little market research and would appreciate your opinions
by way of answers to the questions below.

1. Are you holding off buying a Squeezebox because you are not sure
about setting up a computer to run slimserver?

2. Would you be interested in buying a server pre-configured with
slimserver, i.e. all you have to do is plug it in and load up your music

3. Would you have any preference over the operating system used on such
a server (i.e. Windows, Linux, OSX, etc.) ?

4. Would you be interested in buying a complete turnkey solution
comprising everything you need to get up and running, i.e. Squeezebox +
router/switch + server?

5. Would you be interested in remote assistance in setting up slimserver?

6. What is your preferred music file format (ie. mp3, flac, wac, wma,
aac, etc.) ?

7. How big is your music collection, i.e. how many CDs/downloaded tracks
do you have?

Please send replies to robin-slimsurvey at robinbowes dot com



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