View Full Version : Sound like scratched record !

Deaf Cat
2005-09-05, 12:13

Had a SB2 for a couple of weeks now, ab fab bit of kit.

However, today it seemed to go loopy, once playing it was very quiet and sounded like a very scratched record.

The remote was rather unresponsive and then flicked through all the screens very fast obviously catching up from all the buttons I had pressed.

I shut down and re-started me pc, and seems to be fine.....

Is something wrong somewhere?

2005-09-05, 15:56
I don't want to alarm you, but...

The only time I had problems like that was when the hard-drive that had all my music on it was slowly dying. I was getting jumps in tracks, SlimServer appeared to be hanging a lot - an all 'round shitty experience. However, it just (!) turned out to be caused by the imminent death of the hard-drive (which had been powered up continuously for 3 years in a Hush PC box).

That may not be your problem - but isn't it a good idea for everyone to go and make their backups *now*, just in case? ;)

Deaf Cat
2005-09-06, 14:40
Ahaaaaaa!! Have been meaning to buy another hdd for the last couple of months!! as the back up!!

Yesterday I was going to order it and came across a reasonable dvdrw drive in me computer mag and thought it would be cheaper to back up on dvds rather than another hhd that may bust in a few years time.....Have the hasstle of recording loads of dvds or expensive hdd, I think I will decide before I turn the music hdd on again.

Cheers for the warning.