View Full Version : Logging in to Live365 on Squeezebox directly without computer

2005-09-05, 12:01
When accessing my computer from the squeezebox2, I am logged in to Live365 through the slimserver setup.
HOWEVER, when accessing the internet directly without the computer, there seems to be no way to enter user credentials and log in to Live365. It says "no live365 account information".
And under settings there it's not possible to enter this info either.
I have now bought membership for a year and would like to access Live365 stations without the use of the computer.
Any idea what I can to to enjoy Live365 directly on my squeezebox with the computer turned off?
Thanks in advance.
Almost happy Squeezebox user in Switzerland

2005-09-05, 12:21
Have you created an account at http://www.squeezenetwork.com? If not go there and you can create your own account with favourites etc and also store your passwords for commercial services.


2005-09-13, 11:44
Thanks for your help. I hadn't thought of this.
I entered my live365 username and password in Squeezenetwork.
I can even log in and out, but I still receive a lot of live365 ads as well as general information regarding live365. Is there no way I can get rid of this garble?
I am a VIP member.
With some radio stations I am told that the user id is ok, but the session id needs to be renewed, that logout and login would solve the problem. But it doesn't.
Anyone with the same experience?

2006-01-15, 10:57
I am having the same problem. I paid for a year but when connected through squeezenetwork I have to listen to all the ad garbage even though my username and password are entered correctly via the squeezenetwork site. It's like squeezenetwork isn't even entering it cause they tell me I should sign up for service.... Anybody have a solution to this?