View Full Version : SB2 Product enhancement suggestion

2005-09-05, 09:29
I mostly use my SB2 to listen to shoutcast radio (I'm a big fan of "Groove Salad") via SqueezeNetwork so that I don't need to have my PC turned on.
It would be great if when I hear a track I like I can press a button (or sequence of buttons) on the remote and the SB2 will log that track/artist name so I don't keep having to search around for pen and paper! Then periodically I can use SlimServer to view my selected track/artist names.

If this is actually currently possible please can someone point me in the right direction?



2005-09-06, 13:39

Maybe this plugin is what your'e looking for. "SlimServer PDF music catalogue creator", got to the plugins page. I've never tried it. Let me know if it works out.