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2005-09-05, 04:06
I've just ordered a squeezebox 2, and was hoping to get some advice on how to connect it up to my amp. My amp is a Marantz 7500 A/V reciever, which drives a 5.1 system in my lounge. The stereo fronts are Monitor Audio Radius R270 floorstanders.

Basically, can someone suggest whether the DAC in the Marantz would be equal or superior to the squeezebox's DAC? I realise it's unlikely that anyone has my specific combination of equipment, and that sound quality is subjective, but it would be great if someone could let me know which is better 'on paper' (or better still, from their experience). The reason I ask is that I'd like to order a decent cable now, either a stereo phono pair or a digital coax, so I can have it when the squeezebox arrives. I'll probably do my own comparison then, but I'm quite short on cables, so it'll involve some swapping around.


2005-09-05, 07:50
In my comparison, with a decent outboard DAC, the sound is better with the digital outs than the analog outs on a stock SB2

As time goes by, you may want to think about upgrading the switching power supply to a linear one. This would improve the overall sound quite a bit more.

Most A/V receivers convert all analog inputs to digital for signal processing, volume control, etc. I do not think you would be better off with analog outs unless you get the SB2 modded and run straight into a stereo amp.

Get a good digital cable, plug in your SB2 and enjoy

Deaf Cat
2005-09-05, 11:50
It may be because I am fussy, or just because I like playing, but I have a decent coax, sound tested a few and found the one that sounded best to me - (pre SB2).

However I am learning now (with SB2) that improvements may by made by going to an optical cable, toslinks cut ground loops and SB2 can be located away from other kit incase RF is an issue. Hence I am going to borrow a toslink from me local shop to give that a bash.

While I am at it, I will also borrow a couple of decent analogue incerconnects to compair DACs.

If you like a particular sound, try different cables and options as some have subtle differences and others are totally different to others - If your not too fussed, I suppose you could pick a cable that has won say a HiFi Best Buy or something like that.

These linear power supplies, is something like :
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