View Full Version : Weird synchronisation issues

2005-09-05, 01:24
I've got a SB2 and and SliMP3 running against Slimserver 6.2 nightly 30/8/05 for Win2K.

I have the synchronsation enabled, with the SB2 being the master.

I've set the delay time to 0 on the SB2 as the SliMP3 doesn't have that feature and so I would get a splitsecond delay in music playback.

I've not got the power off action on one player causing the other player to execute.

If I have both players running and synch'd all is fine. If I switch off one of the players (leaving the other on) and later switch back on I notice the 'playing now' screen is incorrect and shows completely the wrong track that is playing! It like when switching the slave player on and pressing play causes the slave player to continue from where it left off, and the music between the two players re-synch. However, the playlist position doesn't synch.

I'm going to look at this in more detail to see if there are any other issues with synching, as I believe all master player invoked changes in music correctly synch on the slave player.



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