View Full Version : Various Artists and cue sheet support

Philip Meyer
2005-09-03, 14:28
I have a 3-CD compilation album "Chilled Ibiza Gold", where tracks on each disk have been cross-faded to run without pauses between them.

Therefore I have extracted the music as a single .mp3 file for each disk and have used cue sheets so I can play the album without gaps. This is not working well with the Various Artists feature enabled though. It doesn't detect the album performer as "Various Artists" - instead each artist appears separately under Browse by Artist.

PERFORMER "Various Artists"
TITLE "Chilled Ibiza Gold"
FILE "Chilled Ibiza Gold CD1.mp3" MP3
TITLE "Slip Into Something More Comfortable"
INDEX 01 00:00:00
TITLE "Misti Blue"
PERFORMER "Amillionsons"
INDEX 01 04:00:44

If I browse by album, "Chilled Ibiza Gold" is listed with all tracks from each disk. But it would be nice to locate this album via Various Artists.

As an aside, I currently have each album title as "Chilled Ibiza Gold" for each disk. As a result, when browsing the album, I get three track 1's, then three track 2's, etc. Is there a way of adding a disk number tag in the cue sheet, as I'd rather see one "Chilled Ibiza Gold" album, as I have "treat multidisk albums as a single album". I don't really want to put the disk number into the album title.