View Full Version : Great Radio Tool for Squeezenetwork & question

2005-09-03, 10:13
Just thought I would share that I use a internet radio tuner to listen to a station, then add it on-line logged in to squeezenetwork. It's a great way to add favorites to squeezenetwork.

You can find it at http://bleucanard.mark1hosting.net/irtv2/v2index.html

I see squeezenetwork listing streaming locations that end with .pls, (playlist??). The internet tuner finds a huge amount of locations ending in .asx. What format is .asx? It appears my SB2 does not support them.


2005-09-03, 22:07
>What format is .asx? It appears my SB2 does not
>support them

asx is Windows Media metafile which defines Windows Media playlist. The
concept is similar to WinAmp mp3 playlist (pls).

Windows Media is not supported by SB2, you need a SlimServer to transcode
the stream. However, jugging by the recent posts in the developers forum,
SlimDevices will rollout new SB2 firmware with WMA support.

So, as of today, you cannot add WMA stream to your SqueezeNetwork
favourites, but you should be able to do that, when the new version of the
software is released.

That's the beauty of owning SB2. It keeps getting better :)