View Full Version : No sound via iTunes, OK with radio

David Eves
2005-09-03, 08:16
Mac G3, Squeezebox 1 via wireless router, music played via iTunes stored on firewire external hard drive. Recently reformatted hard drive and now I can see the track on the Squeezebox and server but can't hear the music. Internet radio is fine playing lod and clear. Also the Sqeezebox appears to be slower than before. Installed latest version of Slimserver and updated firmware. Any suggestions would be greatfully received!

David Eves
2005-09-05, 05:25
Not sure how I got it working. I turned on the firewall and set the ports. I changed to data being on the hard drive, updated everything possible without joy. Turned off the firewall and hey presto. Put everything back to the external drive with Apple Lossless and again no sound. Updated Quicktime and hey presto. So I have no idea why it is working but my house is once again filled with sound.