View Full Version : AAC on NSLU2

2005-09-03, 05:38
With complete lack of Unix knowledge, I have managed to setup Slimserver working on the NSLU2 with great ease. However some of my music is in aac format, while I understand the SB2 cannot play. I have installed LAME on the NSLU2, but cannot get it to work. I have changed tried to change the filetype settings within SlimServer, but the following error appears:

Required binary was not found: [lame] --mp3input --decode -t --silent $FILE$ - | [flac] -cs --totally-silent --compression-level-0 -

Anyhelp would be appreciated. I hope this is not too far off topic for this group?

2005-09-19, 10:21

Unfortunately I don't have the info you require to solve your problem (or if I do, I don't know about it!) but I was wondering what steps you have taken so far.

Have you installed FAAD? And the output that you show - is that from a log file? If so whereabouts would I find one (assuming I didn't specify one on startup).

Sorry for the questions, but I am in the same boat as you, only some distance behind...!