View Full Version : I'm so glad I got a Squeezebox2

Music Machine
2005-09-02, 18:05
Played with Softsqueeze for a couple weeks and then ordered the real thing. This baby sounded good right out of the box. Then I removed my DAC and preamp. Connected the SB2 directly to my power amp and it sounds even better.

If you have a network and a stereo it's silly to not have a Squeezebox.

I probably sound more like a commercial than a new user, but I can hardly believe what you get in sound quality and convenience (once you rip your cds) for so little expense.

This product is a brilliant integration of technologies. Now, if Browse Artwork sorted by Artist instead of Album Title I would say it's perfect for me.

Wish success and rewards to Slim Devices.

Music Machine

2005-09-04, 17:16
I've just posted this in another thread, but I'll mention it again here, since it seems like a few people are connecting their SB2's directly to a power amp:

You need to vote for this bug:


I REALLY want this functionality, but so far it looks like I'm the only person who's actually voted for it!

Running directly into a power amp (and using the digital volume control) gives a far cleaner signal path than connecting via a pre-amp. But the signal out of the SB2 is far too hot, and its impossible to turn the digital volume down low enough - 1 out of 40 is still really quite loud!

The DAC used in the SB2 already has a built-in attenuation capability, but its not used. If the Slim guys could add an option to make use of it, it would solve all my problems....


Music Machine
2005-09-04, 22:52
Found out the volume at the lowest setting before mute is too loud for late night and the steps too large at lower levels. Thanks for letting me know about this "bug request".

Put a passive pre in the chain just to cool it down and now I can use the SB volume control, but a shame to have the extra crud. So, I voted for the enhancement. Wonder how many votes are needed to get something into an update.

Been thinking about the mod that bypasses the output opamp as a fix. Should sound better too.

Music Machine

2005-09-05, 07:59
The mod that bypasses the ouput op-amp WILL sound better. While the amount of gain may be changed in the sofware, the signal will still have to travel through a couple of pairs of low quality electrolytic caps, surface mount resistors, and the op=amps themselves. The present "standard" software release does invert phase on the output of the SB2. (this has been fixed in a "beta")

The modded output circuit just has a pair of film caps between the DAC IC and a pair of new output connectors. The amount of gain with the mod should be plenty to drive most amps to very loud levels, but still give you plenty of control at low listenening levels.

There are other things the mod does involved with where the power to the DAC comes from.