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Craig, James (IT)
2005-09-02, 03:46
I've been playing around with playlists in 6.2 and encountered a number
of bugs/issues that I haven't seen discussed anywhere else.
Throwing them out here before I start putting anything in bugzilla...
(Note these are all relating to the default skin, 6.2 from 2005/09/02
and Windows XP)

1) How can one add an internet radio station to an existing playlist?
You can do it fine if the station is accessed through a menu with
play/add buttons, but not from the various tune in pages.
This makes creating a playlist of your favourite stations almost
impossible through SlimServer. Options would be creating 'play/add'
buttons or an 'add new track' button in the edit playlist page.

2) saving/editing an already existing playlist is very confusing.
You have to select the 'overwrite' option and then click 'rename
But I haven't renamed the playlist and don't want to!
Couldn't this be done with a javascript pop-up or at least change the
button names?
If I 'edit' a playlist are the changes saved automatically or do I need
to resave?

3) The playlist ordering in 'browse playlists' seems broken. For example
how does this happen?

iTunes: 90's Music Play Add to playlist
iTunes: Party Shuffle Play Add to playlist
iTunes: Recently Played Play Add to playlist
iTunes: Top 25 Most Played Play Add to playlist
II Play Add to playlist
xxx Play Add to playlist
XXX Play Add to playlist
Internet Radio Play Add to playlist

5) saving the playlist seems broken. For example, I added a station from
SlimDevices' Picks to a new playlist and saved it. I then 'played' it
(to replace the current playlist) and the internet station had been
replaced with a track called '50' that didn't exist. Attempting to edit
the playlist from the GUI caused a crash. These errors were in the log:

2005-09-02 11:30:44.2295 Slim::Formats::Parse::readM3U:
file:///C:/Program%20Files/iTunes/Music/61 found in playlist:
file:///C:/Program%20Files/iTunes/Music/XXX.m3u doesn't exist on
disk - skipping!

2005-09-02 11:30:54.4012 Slim::DataStores::DBI::Track
Slim::DataStores::DBI::Track=HASH(0x339a664) destroyed without sav
ing changes to age at /PerlApp/Tie/Cache/LRU/Array.pm line 62
2005-09-02 11:31:24.4922 Slim::DataStores::DBI::Track
Slim::DataStores::DBI::Track=HASH(0x337b638) destroyed without sav
ing changes to age at /PerlApp/Tie/Cache/LRU/Array.pm line 62
2005-09-02 11:31:44.9987 Slim::Formats::Parse::readM3U:
file:///C:/Program%20Files/iTunes/Music/50 found in playlist:
doesn't exist on disk - skipping!

2005-09-02 11:32:28.5740 Can't call method "title" without a package or
object reference at /PerlApp/Slim/Web/EditPlayli
st.pm line 143.
2005-09-02 11:32:28.6880 Shutting down plugins...
2005-09-02 11:32:28.7138 Slim::DataStores::DBI::LightWeightTrack
Slim::DataStores::DBI::LightWeightTrack=HASH(0x319 3420)
destroyed without saving changes to age at slimserver.pl line 0

6) Seems like SlimServer dumps the playlists to disk for safekeeping in
case I wipe the cache? But note from the example above that the GUI has
allowed me to create two playlists which have the same name within
non-casesensitive Windows (xxx.m3u/XXX.m3u) and hence can't be saved to
the filesystem!

After all that, I do like the way it's going... But...


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