View Full Version : Various Artists and the ALBUMARTIST tag problem?

Philip Meyer
2005-09-01, 16:08
I like the new Various Artists implementation, but I believe it's not quite working how I would have imagined.

I like the way Slimserver determines that an album is a various artists album based on more than one "track artist" belonging to the album. This works for the majority of my albums, as I haven't tagged the majority of VA albums with an ALBUMARTIST tag.

However, I have some albums where the majority of the tracks are by one artist, but there's one track by a different artist. I don't want these albums to be displayed under Various Artists, rather use the main artist as the album artist. So I thought I could simply tag all of the tracks of that album with ALBUMARTIST=<main artist name> to override the slimserver VA detection. SlimServer still seems to detect that this is a various artist album and pops it under "Various Artists".

I assumed the feature would work like "Guess Tags" - if tags are set, use them, otherwise if there are no tags try to guess them, otherwise file under No Artist/No Album.

I have "Group compilation albums together" and "Don't include compilation artists in artist list".

For an example album that I have been playing around with to test the feature, every track has the same content for the album tag. ARTISTSORT and ALBUMARTIST are both set to the main artist for the album, and the artist tags are variable. The artists are correctly not exploded into the "browse artist" list. The only problem is that the album appears under "Various Artists" rather than ALBUMARTIST.

I suppose I could tag all of my various artists albums to have ALBUMARTIST tags, and turn off the slimserver auto detection, but for the majority of cases, slimserver gets it right.