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Zach Anthony
2005-09-01, 06:28
I've just installed the latest nightly build (9/1) in the hopes that it would solve a problem I've had for some time - my iTunes playlists are not showing up - but the problem persists. No matter how many times I rescan (normal and playlists only), clear the db cache, reinstall, etc. my iTunes playlists just won't appear - with one exception.

I've done some testing today and at one point my iTunes playlists DID finally show up. The steps I followed were as follows:

1) Manually delete the .db file.
2) Start the server and allow it to start indexing.
3) Stop the server.
4) Start the server from the command line (with --d_itunes so I could observe).
5) Start a playlists only rescan from the web UI.

As I said above, this did result in my iTunes playlists - plus all other non-iTunes playlists - being shown. HOWEVER as soon as I initiated a rescan of new and changed form the web UI, the iTunes playlists disappeared again. (I've tested the playlists from my Squeezebox and they do work, though most are full of empty tracks.)

Somes of my iTunes playlists are quite large, on the order of 15,000 songs, but why would the above steps work and not a regular rescan?

Some further details:
-My music is contained in a directory that is outside the standard Windows location for the iTunes library (i.e. not in My Music).
-I have a separate playlists folder containing playlists I've created manually; this is in addition to the iTunes playlists which are found in the normal place (i.e. in the same place as iTunes Music Library.xml).

Debug extract:
When I load the server with --d_itunes enabled it simply repeats the following:
2005-09-01 14:21:34.9432 iTunes: attempting to locate iTunes Music Library.xml
2005-09-01 14:21:47.0141 iTunes: found My Music here: D:\Data\Zach\My Music for
D:\Data\Zach\My Music\iTunes\iTunes Music Library.xml
2005-09-01 14:21:47.0297 iTunes: found path via Windows registry at: D:\Data\Zac
h\My Music\iTunes\iTunes Music Library.xml

Hope that's enough to start the ball rolling, please let me know what other info I can send. I'm not too familiar with the full set of debug options, so if further logs are needed please specify the exact syntax for the command line.

Many thanks,


2005-10-25, 19:03
Did you make any further developments on this, Zach? I have the same issue here running Slimserver on a windows XP box.

Zach Anthony
2005-10-28, 02:06

After some research here in the forums I discovered my actual problems: 1) the 'Use iTunes' setting wasn't enabled (first page of Server Settings) and 2) the setting wasn't even available to enable/disable due to some sort of confusion in the Server (I think related to invalid settings in the iTunes Music Folder and .XML location settings at some point).

I've just been searching for the exact post that helped me to resolve my problem, but I can't seem to find it. I *think* the solution was basically to set the 'Find iTunes Library Automatically' to 'Specify iTunes Library Locations' (and then set the locations accordingly), then stop the server, clear the .db file out of the cache folder, and restart. Once I restarted I saw the 'Use iTunes' setting and was able to enable it. A subsequent rescan picked up my iTunes settings.

If the above doesn't work, have a search through the forums to look for the definitive answer.