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2005-08-31, 01:57
Hey all,

I ripped a bunch of CD's (about 250) a few months ago. Now I am noticing that most all the albums that I ripped wont play with SB2. But any music that I downloaded will.
Everything was ripped with Windows Media Player as WMA Lossless files.
I do recall seeing something on the SB2 screen about some digital rights or some such thing refering as to why it wouldnt play an album, but only noticed it once.
I'm actually downloading EAC right now fearing that I may have to rip all those albums again (FLAC this time). Is there an alternative? Will EAC give me the albums forever and get rid of whatever problem I am having?

Can anyone explain the problem I'm having. I pretty much did my entire CD collection, some of the disks were like 10 or 15 years old, did they have this crap protecting disks back then, or did WMP get me?

Thanks alot,

2005-08-31, 03:24
When you ripped the CDs to WMA Lossless did you have the 'Copy protect music' box ticked?

It can be found under Tools-> Options -> Rip Music.

If you did, this would cause a problem with Slimserver. You could re-rip as WMA without the copy protect option, but FLAC would be a better solution IMHO.