View Full Version : Anybody using multiple ARTIST tags yet?

2005-08-30, 13:42
Support for multiple artist (and a few other) tags for vorbis tagged files made it into the nightlies and SVN for the 6.2 trunk a couple days ago (thanks Dan). I've played with it, but I'm guessing it's going to take some experimenting before I figure out how it's supposed to work and to tweak my tags to get the most out of this capability.

With multiple artist tags, so long as every track within an album is tagged identically, I would expect that SlimServer should _not_ classify the album as a "various artist" compilation.

How would ARISTSORT be designated in the case where you have more than one ARTIST tag? One ARTIST, one ARTISTSORT made sense. Now... ?

If an album has two artists - equal collaborators - each designated in an ARTIST tag, should the album appear for both of them when browsing artists? I would expect this to be the case, and one of the largest benefits of being able to use multiple same-named tags.