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2005-08-30, 12:37
I read through a couple of posts, but did not see this resolved. Is there any software available which integrates with slimserver to edit current playlists and browse the music library. I really wish I could drag songs to where I want them in the list, select ranges of songs to delete, and select ranges of songs to move. Also, it would be nice to be able to move to a specific location in a currently playing song.

The included web interface is real cool, and the thing does what its supposed to. But I never use the same playlist twice, and the server playlist editing seems sort of limited. Isn't a more interactive java interface available, and is anyone currently developing one? I'm not sure if I have time do, but would consider it if the command line interface is really easy.

2005-09-22, 21:37
I had a simialr concern...

I found (Windows only) Advanced Playlist Builder. Does a nice job of building lists, sorting htem, moving items around.

But my question is how doe I get the server to "know" they (new lists I make) exist?

I placed them in the playlist save directory. Then I "Browse Playlist", its not there. Seems that "Browse Playlist" uses an internal list, a list of playlists the server creaated.

Or am I totally off base on this?


2005-09-22, 21:44
OK, I had a thought.

What if I restart the server.

Sure enough, the new playlists show up.

Seems a bit radical having to restart the server just to load new/updated playlists.

please tell me there is a better way?


FYI: I'm building playlists for certain directories. So it would be cool if something would "watch" a folder or rebuild at intervals and rebuild a playlist based on the target folder.

2005-09-22, 22:07
OK, I was wrong.

I have no idea how my new test lists showed up in "Browse Playlists". But they did, so I made more, several more.

I then restarted the server, nothing.

The orginal "test" lists were gone (but they still existed in the folder) and the new one are not there.

Very strange indeed!

So, back to my orginal question, how do I get "foreign" lists to show up in SlimServer?


2005-09-22, 22:58
Open up slimserver and go to server settings. At the bottom there is a button to rescan the music collection, with an option just to rescan playlists.
You can also do this via a plugin on the SB interface.

2005-09-22, 23:02
Thanks for the info.

Yes, I saw the "rescan" button.

that only works for the slected "Music Folder" as defined higher up on that page.

And yes, I have that running, every morning at 3am on my main directory.

But this does not solve the issue of my secondary playlisys based on other directories, which I can not define in the "Music Folder" item near the top of the page. That will only accept a single local path.

Anyway, I'm narrowing my query to "importing" foreign playlists into slimServer.



2005-09-23, 00:02
If your "foreign" playlists are are in one place (or a limited number of places) you could always add links to them inside your slimserver playlists directory.

Would that do it for you?


2005-09-23, 08:38
If your "foreign" playlists are are in one place (or a limited number of places) you could always add links to them inside your slimserver playlists directory.

Would that do it for you?

My playlists *are* in the SlimServer playlist directory, as defined within the Server Settings page.

So are you speaking of anthoer playlist directory?


2005-09-23, 12:11
I don't suppose Slim Server is running on Linux and you are creating playlists from Windows?

Shot in the dark, but I had this problem for ages until I realized that in Windows its \music and in linux its /music so none of the items in my playlists were being found.


2005-09-23, 12:16

playlist generated on windows

SlimServer running on the same windows box

I guess, that should added to bugzilla. (\music vs /music)

Perl can do path converstions, it its told to.


2005-09-26, 14:15
Seems that if I turn off SlimServer for 2 days, then it will "see" the foreign playlists.

Hows that for a solution?