View Full Version : Gapless MP3 support (bug # 1026)

2005-08-30, 11:27
I was looking at the software roadmap of SlimServer and nowhere down the road can we see a fix for bug 1026 "Implement gapless playback for MP3".

This one is a real bugger as it requires to re-encode many albums that are truly supported by SlimServer (but are not by other DAP devices that I own) thus keeping two copies of theses albums.

Do you think it is feasible to resolve that problem before 7.0 or even better, 6.5?


Stéphane Bourque

2005-09-10, 19:14
I second this request. Also, gapless FLAC playback should be fixed on SB2 when playing back song files (i.e. not album files w/ cuesheets) and no server side transcoding.

2005-10-08, 10:48
I do also second that (that would be the second "secondition", wouldn't it? :)).

I am very much interested in a gapless playback, and MP3 is crucial to me. Re-encoding all my albums is not an option.

Researching the internet showed though that there is exactly NO standalone player available (in words: NOT A SINGLE ONE) which is capable of gapless playback, although winamp shows how it works perfectly (even without gapless tags!).

a seemless gapless playback without compromises would be a MAJOR pro argument for buying a squeezebox for many people, I think.

I for example am the owner of an Hifidelio right now, a very expensive hard-disc based player, which has three major disadvantages to me:

- first, you hear the disc. a big no-no for listening to music while starting to sleep.
- second, gapless playback is supported, although there might be a little click induced by "system limitations". 2nd no-no.
- it takes about 40-60 seconds to boot. no "power, play" behavior.

a squeezebox would be the solution all these problems - IF it could play MP3 gapless.

2005-10-08, 17:15
http://bugs.slimdevices.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1026 for a clickable link.

BTW, I was reading through this area of the source code, for a different reason, and I found this code (SB, don't have an SB2, don't know if it's the same or not).

in sub quickstart it says:
# make sure we have at least 5% buffer fullness before starting with a quickstart. If not, then check again in one second.

Now R6 changed the requirement to 10K rather than 5%, but the check again in 1 second stayed in the code.

To my way of thinking, 1 second is a long time to wait. Is there any reason it couldn't be set to 1/4 second or 1/10 second?

2005-10-09, 05:56
isn't the playback of mp3s gapless? i thought it was? it was touted as being gapless from when i bought my original slimp3....

apparently Sonos' player does gapless flac - whcih is probably the format i'm goign to use from now on.

plus their remote is swanky

and no web interface (hooray! - web interface = +1billion points on the bad-UI-ometer)

2005-10-09, 07:37
I don't know if you noticed but the Sonos also costs a little more than the SB2.

Anyway, SB will do FLAC gapless just fine.