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2005-08-30, 11:10

I'm new here but Iíve had a slimp3 for a number of years. I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice about speakers and the slimp3.

I've been wanting to run my slimp3 player without an amp, can I use the Harman/JBL creature II speakers to playback music or do I need special amplified speakers? Any recommendation on speakers would be gratefully received.


2005-08-30, 11:27
On Tue, 2005-08-30 at 11:10 -0700, jackmanfred wrote:
> I've been wanting to run my slimp3 player without an amp,

You have to have an amp somewhere. I came in after the Slimp3, so
I'm not sure what it has. The SqueezeBox has a headphone amp
that can drive tiny speakers to low volumes.

You can get amplified speakers. Any of them will do.
I have some cheap Sony battery powered ones that sound
OK. It really depends on how much you want
to spend and how loud you care about and
what quality you want. It just a tradeoff.

On my second SB, I use some old AR Powered Partners,
which have also been sold under several other names.
They are triangles, look like they were cut
out of 4 inch thick square about a foot on a side.
Very good sound for the size.

You could even use one of the computer speaker
setups with a "subwoofer" if you want.


2005-08-30, 23:17
Thanks for the reply, my slimp3 doesn't have a headphone jack only phono's. Not sure if this matters though? I might investigate the powered speaker option, i'll email a few places.


Craig, James (IT)
2005-08-31, 01:56
I believe the creature II speakers you mention have their own
amplification so should work fine with a Squeezebox.
"3-piece multimedia speaker system with 2 powered satellite speakers and
Powered being the important word.

However they plug into a headphone socket so you would also need an
adaptor/cable to convert from your Slimp3 phono sockets.


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2005-08-31, 10:55
Thanks for clarifying my confusion, I think Iíll be buying the creature II speakers and a 3.5" jack to RCA converter. Now Iíve got to install slimserver on my linkstation.