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2005-08-29, 17:51
Copy of a thread in the "beta" forum. Hope I can get some answers here.


Runing Slimserver on a LS 1.

Still using the nightly from the 02-08 as every nightly since seems only to find 7 artists in my library!?!?!

But that is not why I am asking for help, I listen to an awful lot of podcasts, one of which is TWiT. This can now be retrieved from http://leo.am/podcasts/twit. but when this is entered into the list within the podcast plugin, the player throws a "Failed to parse" error and reports a "syntax error at line 1, column 49, byte 49 at /mnt/slimserver/CPAN/XML/Parser.pm line 187_

Can this be fixed without me having to install any later versions of slimserver.