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2005-08-29, 08:27
Longish time slimserver user moving over to a MAc Mini as my all purpose living room silent PC and slimserver machine. Got Slimserver itself working again (thgouh an earlier version) but mystified as to how to get plugins like album art and biography to work -I'd also like to use the alternative FIshbone justified skins that were posted here recently and involved zipping over the original - I can even find it! I look in the slimserver folder in the ibrary and there seems to be nothing there!Anyone able to give me some get started tips?


2005-08-29, 12:37
Mac OS X, being Unix based, has a number of folders named Library. One is at the top-level of your hard drive (referred to as /Library by a Unix convention), another is in your own home folder (the Unix conventional name for this is ~/Library). Depending on whether you have installed SlimServer for all users or just for yourself, one of these two Library folders will have a folder named SlimDevices inside it. I am not sure whether this automatically has a folder named Plugins inside it. If not, create such a folder. And then put your plugins in that folder, and all should be well. There is actually another place where you can put them, but it is more complicated and less satisfactory.

I have some ideas about the Fishbone skin, but would prefer to wait in the hope that someone who definitely knows the answer will reply to you.

You shouldn't have any difficulty in upgrading to the current version if you want to.

2005-08-31, 08:24
Well, as nobody else has replied, I'll give you my thoughts about the Fishbone skin. But I've never tried making such a change, so my remarks may not be quite right.

Many Mac items are "packages" - that is, items that look like simple files (applications) to the user but are actually folders (directories) - it's a good way of keeping all the stuff that belongs to an app together and not risking the chance of a user deleting something important.

If you control-click on an item (or right-click with a multi-button mouse) that is a package, one of the menu options is "Show package contents".

Do this on your SlimServer preference pane, and go down to Contents, Server, HTML and you will find what appear to be the various skins. You can replace Fishbone by its alternative by moving the unzipped file into there, I expect. If I were you I would keep a copy of the original preference pane just in case you want to revert to it.

2005-08-31, 08:27
OK thats taken me forward thank you very much - maybe this is the problem i'm having getting the plugins to work as well


2005-08-31, 12:35
The plugins are best put where I suggested in my earlier post (~/Library/SlimDevices/Plugins or /Library/SlimDevices/Plugins). They should work fine from there.

They can be put in the Plugins foler inside the preference pane. This also works fine. The reason this isn't such a good idea is that if you put them there then any upgrade of SlimServer may lose them. By the way, that also applies to your variant Fishbone skin, it may need to be reinstalled if you upgrade SlimServer.