View Full Version : Update to "lazy searching" patch for SlimServer 6.2

2005-08-28, 16:58
I've produced a 6.2-compatible version of my "lazy searching" patch for SlimServer, which I originally made available in January for SlimServer 5.4.1.

For those not familiar, it lets the user very quickly search using the remote control without having to "multi-tap" to get at non-first letters, or to wait/press right-arrow between letters on the same key. Note this isn't "predictive text" as seen on mobile phones as there's no suggestion of alternatives that are narrowed as the user is typing (in my opinion - if anyone knows different then let me know and I'll cease to make it available).

I hope it may be of some use. You can find it on my webpage here: http://hickinbottom.demon.co.uk/SlimServer/lazy_searching.htm

Whilst not a complete solution for bug #386 (http://bugs.slimdevices.com/show_bug.cgi?id=386), I believe it's as close as we might get with SlimServer.

I'm going to add a preference to allow the user to control whether this functionality is enabled or not - I'll post an updated patch to the bug when I've made some progress.