View Full Version : Multiple ARTISTS in flac files

2005-08-28, 11:01
How exactly is this supposed to work?

I have an album, "Carnegie Hall Concert" by Chet Baker and Gerry Mulligan that I've tagged with

ARTIST=Chet Baker
ARTIST=Gerry Mulligan

I didn't know quite what to do with ARTISTSORT - there's no obvious way to correlate two ARTISTSORT tags with their respective ARTIST tags, as tag order should not be significant.

I have two other Chet Baker albums, each with ARTISTSORT=Baker, Chet. But now in Browse Artists Chet Baker no longer sorts to the position of "BAK...", but to "CHE...".

And under at least one view (Browse Artwork in a modified skin) I see the artist listed as "Various Artists".

Gerry Mulligan doesn't appear at all under Browse Arists and nothing comes up in a search for Mulligan. The album is listed among the Various Artists album, though.