View Full Version : Suggestion for next-generation Squeezebox

2005-08-27, 18:01
Before I bought the Squeezebox2, I bought a HomePod. (Thank goodness that ugly hunk of dung died within 30 days so I could get my money back.) One neat thing about it, though, was that it had a USB port so it could read music of an external hard drive without needing a PC. Perhaps something like this could be added to the next Squeezebox design.

Bruce Hartley
2005-08-29, 14:01
It would require a total change to the squeezebox I think.

At present all the UI, file management etc. is done on the server PC. This would require it to be done on the player.

Not saying impossible or course, I guess the processor in the squeezebox could do a lot if required...........?

2005-08-29, 15:12
Yeah, I wondered about that but thought I'd throw it out there anyway. :-) HomePod also requires a server program (UPnP) but somehow they get around it for the USB support. Even if it just had browse folders for USB support it would be good enough for, let's say, taking on vacation with you.