View Full Version : Sipura3000 CID to squeezebox

2005-08-27, 05:45

I have a Sipura 3000 VOIP adapter and wondered if anyone has integrated it so that the caller id display shows up on a squeezebox. On voxilla.com someone has created a samurize plugin that monitors the Sipura so I figure it should be possible to do this but unfortunately its beyond my abilities:)


2005-09-05, 05:29
Ok well this is what I have found out so far. I am posting this in case anyone else is trying. I've not tried this out yet.

My slimserver is a NSLU2 and it has a syslogd running. This needs to be fixed to accept remote syslog stuff from other machines see http://www.nslu2-linux.org/wiki/HowTo/HowToRunYourOwnSyslogd

Once syslogd is working correctly then you can enable syslog and debug functions on the Sipura to point at the NSLU2. I havent worked out what level of debug is required yet.

Then using Logdog http://caspian.dotconf.net/menu/Software/LogDog/ which (I hope to get running) I can monitor the logs and on recieving an incoming call use the squeezebox announce plugin to annouce the caller id onto the squeezebox.

Hopefully if I get this all to work I should get caller id working without me having to write much code. Anyone see anyproblems with this approach?

2005-09-08, 02:00
Well I have managed to get this working for incoming PSTN via a lot of bodging. When my SPA-3000 rings the number is displayed on the squeezebox for 30 seconds. I used the software mentioned above but had to heavily modify the announce perl script and as such it is completely specific to my network and devices.

What I can say is it would have been so much easier if I knew Perl.

Things still to do is test incoming VOIP calls.

If I had the ability it would be nice to log all the incoming calls so that I could scroll through the list later. This probably would involve writing a plugin module.